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Monday, March 20, 2006

We haven't given up....

....but we have been busy on a variety of things, including going to Hghbury to watch us beat, liverpool, Charlton and Real Madrid (Ok it was 0-0 but that was good enough)...

....also Tim has been using one of the new Pentium-M mainboards from work to build a new computer (see photo) and has put in some fancy wiring with thermostats to program all of the fans (including the CPU fan) so that as long as everything is cool enough it can run completely silently...

But we have made some progress, we have now managed to tap a thread out on the radiator overflow, and we have at least part fitted the CPU plate, and we have taken the radiator off (yet again) to flush out the plastic sprew from drilling and tapping the overflow pipe.

Here is our current list of things to do...

1. Exhaust Template
2. Accelerator stop
3. Accelerator Cable routing
4. Radiator Overflow Pipe - what to seal it up with?
5. Mount the main engine loom fuse
6. Wire up the horn - check the connections?
7. changing the connecting block on the lambda sensor
8. Speed sensor
9. Bend the brake pipe to allow completion of cooling system
10. Where do I earth the little loop connector on off-side of engine
11. Cut out the steering rack from lower scuttle (how do I do that, what tools do I need, where do I get rubber edging?)
12. Mark up Scuttle for heater pipes (are they too high?)
13. Drill Scuttle for heater pipes
14. Cut out demister vents (do I have 3 hacksaw blades - do I have the right sort of blades?)
15. Stick on the demister distibutor thing (buy glue?, find it?)
16. Mount ECU plate
17. Mount ECU relays and VGA cable on plate
18. Modify relay to sit nicely?
19. Get new fuel tank straps?
20. Fuel lines at the front convoluted cabling
21. Cut accelerator cable unused length (what is the best way?)
22. Lower Steering column
23. Bleed clutch, (change nuts on bracket?, when is the right time, how does the bleed nipple work?)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

We have rivnuts

...Having purchased a second, more expensive rivnut gun, we have managed to rivnut the several things we need to right now, such as the support for the top water pipe that you can see here...fascinating eh!

We have also put a rivnut in to hold the horn at the front of the car. We have cut the last bits of hose, for the cooling system, these actually feed the heater, and the arrival of some more jubilee clips has allowed us to pretty well finish it off.

Still haven't sorted the radiator overflow pipe. Have ordered a different tap (from ebay) to see if that helps.

Have marked out the Scuttle (bit of bodywork that holds the dashboard), but haven't yet had the courage (knowledge) to make our first cut in the glass reinforced is a picture of Chrissy measuring out the scuttle to cut for the steering column.

We have also finished the fuel pipes at the front, again thanks to arrival of more jubilee clips.

Total man/woman hours this week 8ish.

Special thanks to Bob (Father/Grandfather) for sending through Pearson special audio circuit tester with long leads..

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