Two Go Mad In The Garage

How two numpties try to build a Westfield kit car.

Monday, October 31, 2005


We want something simple to build, Tim is 45 with a bad back and, in local parlance, 'cack handed' Chrissy is 16 and has far more ability than her Dad, but frankly doesn't know a diff from a tube of toothpaste. We also have to fit in flying aerobatics (Tim), seeing boyfriend (Chrissy) and watching Arsenal at Highbury (both). Therefore we have decided it has to be simple, and we think that means a complete kit from Westfield or Caterham.

We have tried both, drove the Westfield a couple of weeks ago and the Caterham Saturday. Both nice companies with nice people - and I imagine we could be happy with either but the Caterham was dearer and seemed to leave you with not a lot to build.

We decided on the westfield and ordered it today - my wife thinks we are mad - after all Tim can't cut a bagel without swearing, losing blood and getting in a sulk (and don't get us started on flat pack furniture!) She is also going to have her car kicked out of the garage for the build....

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