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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Muck Stoppers and Anna

Prompted by the imminent arrival of Chrissy for a few weeks I have been trying to do some fettling on the car - including getting it taxed! - and fitting the funny aluminium bits components that were in the 'bits left over box' that every builder I'm sure must have!

These bits are 'muck stoppers' - that is the polite term, the more normal term will I am sure be obvious to you.

They are not mentioned in the manual at all, and despite trawling the net I couldn't find any really good photos of exactly where and how they fit.

So below is a photo to show the position of them

Helping me fit them is new star car builder wannabe - Anna, previously the 'official photographer' for this project... and now sporting Chrissy's green fact Anna's help was only offered on condition she got to wear the overalls !

Here is our new star at work on the silicone sealant around the 'muck' stoppers... having previously done her first rivetting.


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