Two Go Mad In The Garage

How two numpties try to build a Westfield kit car.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Some Light on the subject

Today all the new extra lights get fitted. Due to the fact that we are picking up the car on the 10th of December, and due to Chrissy's serious impatience, some of the build will be done over Christmas and lots of extra lights will be required so we can actually see what we are doing.
Coming home everyday there is usually a collection of parcels waiting for us, due to Tim's serious ebaying of tools, it's like christmas everyday....chris

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Getting Ready

Yes - like all builds we have to start by clearing the garage. Fortunately it isn't too bad, it has been kept reasonably clean by my efficient German wife! Needed to get it clear as we are putting in a pile more lights on Thursday and so wanted some room for the electrician to put the new tubes up.

I also booked the van today to do the collection - this turned out to be a pig, finding something that had a tail lift and was long enough (125 inches internal load) was hard the only thing I could find in the area I had to have for all weekend at a cost of over 100 quid.

The tools have started arriving, mostly bought on ebay - particulalry pleased with our £1 torque wrend (20-100ftlb) and our £33 - 8" vice (retail seems to be around £400) now where can I find some 8" fibre jaws - they don't seem to exist anywhere!

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