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Monday, April 23, 2007

We're On the Road At Last - Hoorah!

Yes today we got the DVLA phone call the paperwork was ready, we could pick up our V948 Number plate authorisation certificate - which contained a princely two rubber stamped and a biroed in scrawl of the registration plate - quite why this took two working days I have no idea.

Anyway we got number plates made, and fitted and went for a quick drive around the block before the rain arrived - we were too quick for the photographer, so here is the only known photo of the first ever test drive - and here is a picture of the odometer with our very first mile on the clock...

Chrissy then had to return to A level revision (boo) while tim took 'er indoors and the official photographer each for their own little drive.

Key stats are:

Top speed achieved so far 55mph!
No. of times we have grounded - 2
No. of bits fallen off - 0

Courtesy of advice from friends on the WSCC website (and Steve's short 18mm spanner) we seem even to have fixed the oil leak coming from the the pressure sender on the side of the engine.

In the last photo - the old geezer is to be seen with a smile on his face....

The day is to be remembered, and not just because the good ol Current Bun ran a story about Her Maj being a lifelong Gooner.,,2-2007180703,00.html


At 4:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent project nice car - Daughter is looking exceeding pretty must have a good looking Mum !! Loved the write up on the DVLA.


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