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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

scuttle rebuilt ready for sticking down

We put the heater in, fixed in the washer jet to the scuttle and put it back on the car ready for sticking down (probably thursday) we thought this would be simple but the heater now fouls the cables coming out of the transmission tunnel - well probably be able to route them though with a bit of bodging.

No work tomorow night as Tim has a work dinner thing.

Things to do before the SVA test in 13 days time are ...

Pre factory visit

adjust wipers
Nail and stick scuttle down
refill water system
start engine (buy oil can to squirt oil in through the pressure sender hole)
rivet secondary panels below the dash
headlamp raisers?
headlamp setting?
shift brake pipes so dont clash
bleed brakes

Post factory visit - pre SVA

carpets refit
Bleed Brakes
seal pedal box cover
interior mirror
sva stuff
grommets on rear bulkhead


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