Two Go Mad In The Garage

How two numpties try to build a Westfield kit car.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stuck the Scuttle down

Two and a quarter hours each in the garage tonight, to stick the scuttle down - why so long - well first we had to mod the heater outlets a bit to stop them fouling the ECU, then we had to mod the top of the scuttle a bit (is this the last bit of GRP hacking?) to get a better fit on the sashboard - Carpet Queen Chrissy insisted this was done off the car so we didn't get GRP dust all over her carpets. then we had to masking tape up the sides of the car, and then of course we had run out of M6 x 20 bolts to bolt on the scuttle and nose cone. Wanted to put nosecone and bonnet on as the silicone was starting to dry in case they push the scuttle back a bit.
Then we siliconed on the other side repeater that we hadnt done on Sunday, and finally the scuttle itself...then wipe off any excess silicone and so on.... and suddenly we were worn out and it was time to go and wash the GRP dust off.


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