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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Not a good weekend

We thought we had a small list of mostly easy reassmbling tasks this weekend, but despite working Friday night, Saturday and Sunday we seem only to have gone backwards. Tim now has a bad back, and Arsenal lost in injury time. Argh.

On top of this we are due at Westfield tomorrow and the weather is forecast to be variously, Snow, Hail, Ice and Gale force winds - just peachy for towing an open top car.

Still some perspective is required, much worse things are happening in the world.

Anyway here the key lowlight was the disappearing into the fuel tank of the little shuttery thing that you push the nozzle of the petrol filler through. I have no idea why it came off it just did. removing the tank with the body on does not look very easy.

Aside from that we broke the washer jet, failed to get an engine start, had a big leak of coolant, and didn't get through our list of jobs. Other minor failures will not be recorded as there is enough misery in the world...

We took the carpets and seats out to protect them from the elements on our journey to WF. Here is Chrissy taping some plastic over the dash as some limited weather protection.

We umm and ahhed about removing the tank on Sunday morning, but decided that there was too big a chance that we would not have it secure for the journey so chickened out.

Here is Chrissy pushing the car onto the trailer (Tim is out of shot on the right on the winch - honest, Anna is photographer in chief).

The offending item (well actually that's the missing bit).

Two other messages - first Bob, sorry to hear you haven't been well hope you have had a better day today, and to Steve - thanks for being so kind as to drop round and check our tie-downs really very much appreciated.


At 11:34 pm, Blogger jennifer said...

Chris you always look so enthusiastic in the photos. Gl with finishing the car. xx


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