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Monday, March 05, 2007

lack of confidence

Tim had to drive almost past Westfield's front door this morning, so he dropped off the tunnel carpet to have the gaiters sewn in.

The famous Mark Walker also spent 5 minutes talking through how to get around one of the problems we had run into at the weekend.

Specifically the rubber tube that butts up against the scuttle underneath and goes around the wiper shaft, was fouling the air distributor thingy that takes the air to the demister vents.

This is a problem other builders have reported on their blogs. Mark however had a solution that we had not seen elsewhere. Specifically rather than butcher the air distribution moulding instead butcher the rubber tube so it fits around it....obvious really.

We have just spent a couple of hours out there tonight, and made some progress - widening out the holes in the fillet to 16mm so the threaded buses for the wiper boxes fit through, and in the bottom photo you can see the lower rubber tube fouling.

What we hadnt bargained for however was the upper little rubber tubes that sit between the scuttle and the fillet also have a 3D problem - they protrude under the screen and will interfere with where we are to seal it.

We could butcher the back of them so this didnt happen, but worry that this is just symptomatic of the screen being badly out of position.


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